Parentage Confirmation Testing Requirement


DNA Profiling for Parentage confirmation remains the most widely used tool for verifying pedigrees, multiple Sires and any doubt on parentage. On its own, a DNA profile is simply a set of DNA letters that provide very little insight into the animal. These sets of DNA letters are inherited from each parent and it is the ability to interrogate this profile against that of the parents which provides the information. If all the DNA codes match at all the sites then parentage is confirmed, if there are any sites where these codes do not match then this is an exclusion.

Accurate parentage is confirmed by interrogating the DNA profile of the offspring with those of the parents – Dam and Sire(s). A computer generated programme examines the individual DNA markers at certain chromosome positions. All markers are interrogated and based on the formula algorithm the offspring is said to “in combination QUALIFY” or “in combination DOES NOT QUALIFY” as the offspring of the Dam and Sire(s) in question.