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24. Jun, 2017

QLD Dog Breeder Register

• Breeders must be subscribed to the Register and have a supply number within 28 days of their puppies being born.

• All breeders must display their supply number when giving away, selling or advertising dogs or puppies. It must also be included in the microchip information of the dog.

The Register comes into effect today (26 May 2017) and has been established by the Queensland Government to help authorities identify dog breeders and give all dog buyers the peace of mind they already receive from Dogs Queensland breeder members. It will be an offence to supply dogs, born on or after this date, without a breeder supply number.

For more information about the register please visit or call 13 25 23.

This information is important to remember when looking at a litter for purchase, this is to assist in the elimination of puppy farms and back yard breeders who do not put the welfare of the dogs as a priority. Please refer to the Dogs Queensland website for further information regarding this new legislation.

4. Feb, 2017

Decoy Course Completion

Congratulations to Will who passed his decoy course down in Sydney. A big thank you goes to John Daniel and his wife Michelle Daniel for a fantastic and highly informative two days and further to Maurice Dell Coste for hosting the day.

Craftmaster is proud to be associated with such fine members of the sporting and working dog community and look forward to what the future has in store for this industry and sport.

Please go to photos to see some great action shots.

Welcom to Craftmaster!

We breed working line German Shepherds.  As a small kennel we don't always have puppies available.  Our next planned litter will be in 2018 so please check back with us then as we will be expecting some exciting results.

Feel free to contact us any time to ask us questions or to make a general inquiry.

Craftmaster puppies looking great at their new homes!!!
Photo taken by Shelly Johnston (Graphic Designer) and proud puppy owner of Hugo on the left.

Kind regards

Will and Nicole Dorsamy

All dogs are Genetically Tested for Breed Specific Disease traits